Panchgani – Naturally Healing Hill Station

Panchgani or five mountains, a beautiful hill station located not very far from Pune.
It was pre independence era, a plague had erupted in Bombay present day Mumbai. People were dying and children were getting affected by plague. It was during this time that John Chesson a British bureaucrat was entrusted with responsibility to find a safe and disease free environment for students to study. There was also another task to find a place which had climate similar to Europe so that the British can feel at home. thus began a journey to find a spot which could provide with a clean, disease free cold and pleasant environment. a Journey which ended when John Chesson reached Panchgani, Giving us a wonderful natural retreat.
One more interesting fact about Panchgani is that it is close to the world’s second largest Tableland which was formed by volcanic action. This is a unique geographical phenomenon which is found no where else in India but here. The first school was founded after the discovery of Panchgani and today there are over 22 residential schools in Panchgani.
During the initial time, the fresh air and environment of Panchgani was thought to be so therapeutic especially for TB patients that uptill the discovery of antibiotics, TB patients were sent to Panchgani for natural recovery.
With so many benefits for health and clean natural environment , Panchgani definitely became a vacation place to be for those looking to be in a clean and natural environment.
Of all the famous people who had studied at Panchgani Schools Farrokh Balsara or Freddy Mercury form “The Queen” was the most famous. He had studied at Saint Peters boarding School At Panchgani.
So to visit a naturally healing place famous for its healing history, Panchgani is a must visit for those looking for a pleasant , calm and relaxing outing.
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