Places to Visit at Panchgani

Beauty of places like Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar are the various geographical features these places are blessed with. They offer not just peace of mind and serenity but also a pollution free environment to refresh the mind. But off course these places are not so easy to reach. had they been they would have been polluted by now. So nature has its own way of protecting the precious gem like places.
Miraya Offers you a Glimpse into different places you can visit in and around Panchgani which are absolutely priceless.

Table Land:
This is one of the most attractive places in Panchgani .It is 2km away from Panchgani bus stand. It is also highest point in Panchgani .It is situated at an elevation of 4550feet above sea level Table land is vast expanse of flat rock surrounded by hill hence the name Table land . This volcanic plateau is Asia’s second longest mountain plateau after Tibetan plateau . Table land is a popular Hindi Movies shooting spot.
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Table Land – 2.9 Km (7 Mins)

Dhom Dam:
Dhom Dam is 21km away from Panchgani . This is first dam built on Krishna river in Maharashtra.The construction of dam is started in 1976 and completed in 1982.Dhom dam attracts tourists in large numbers because of beautiful natural surroundings and boating activities.
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Dhom Dam – 22 Km (44 mins)

Sidney point:
Sidney point is 2km away from Panchgani bus stand . Sidney point is situated on a hill that face Krishna valley .It was named after Sir Sidney Backwarth commander in 1830.It is beautiful natural site.
Distance From Miraya To Sydney Point – 4.7Km (11 mins)

Parsi Point:
At a distance of 2km from Panchgani bus stand.Parsi point offer spectacular view of the mountain Krishna valley and the back water of Dhom Dam. It is full of natural beauty.
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Parsi Point – 850 Mtrs (10 Mins)

Harrisons Folly:
Harrisons Folly provides with a pleasant view of the Table land plateau it also provides a perfect spot for adventure sports like Paragliding .
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Harrisons Folly – 7.5 Km (16 Mins)

Bombay Point AKA Sunset Point :
It gives a perfect place to view the setting sun. Besides watching the setting sun visitors can picnic at this place . Due to its location on Mumbai (Bombay) highway, it is named as Bombay point.
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Bombay AKA Sunset Point – 18.3 Km (34 Mins)

Devils Kitchen:
Closely located to Table Land is the Devils Kitchen. It is said to have mythological links. It is said that during the time of exile, the Pandava used to do their cooking at this place.
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Devils Kitchen- 3.5 Km (10 Mins)

Devrai Art Village:
All those who are connoisseurs of art may find this a place to be. It has been established as a non profit organisation to promote art from different places.
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Devrai Art Village -1.2 Km (3-5 Mins)

Bhillar- Village of Books
For book readers , Panchgani has a treat, You can Visit Bhilar Which is also known now as “Pustakanche Gaav ” or Vilage of books. Here every alternate house has a room dedicated for readers visiting the place. The reading room is equipped with books. Each house is given a theme and books related to that topic is placed in the reading room.
Distance From Miraya Hotel To Bhillar – 4.3 Km (11 Min)

For exploring above places with our relax in style with wide range of deluxe rooms and spacious suites or hire a bicycle to ride down the unexplored tracks. With more surprises, you will have to come see for yourself. At Miraya Hotel,
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