Strawberries Adventure Serenity and Miraya!!

Do you know that almost 85% of India’s Strawberry produce comes from Panchgani Mahabaleshwar. Do you know that Panchgani is also a paragliding hub? Do you know that since the British Raj Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar were known as serene spots? And Finally Do You know that one of the best Places to enjoy your vacation. Miraya is also at Panchgani.

The above things do make an interesting reason to visit Panchgani.
Surrounded with beautiful valleys and blessed with serenity of heaven very close from Cities like Pune and Mumbai lies a gem in the Sahyadri Mountains; Panchgani. Overseeing the river Krishna and providing an unhindered valley view of Panchgani is MIRAYA, ‘Miraya’ draws its inspiration from the mystic poet and devotee of Lord Krishna, Mira.

Panchgani is surrounded by five mountains and also it has five villages surrounding it. So once you are at Panchgani, you are amidst the beauty of Mountains and valleys and vastness of gods bounty.

It takes a two hours to reach Panchgani from Pune and while coming from Mumbai you have to come till Pune . The journey to Panchgani is equally enthralling with winding roads leading upto the mountains. During rainy season it looks as though the Ghats are draped with greenery and mist.
An ideal setup for a romantic getaway. But with its amusement parks ,boating clubs and paragliding spots, it is also a destination for families and thrill seekers. So if you wish to visit do not hunt online for cheap rooms in Panchgani. You can get the best hotels in Panchgani at an affordable cost. All you need to do is Visit Miraya. We would love to host you at Miraya with one of the best views at Panchgani.

Things You can Do at Panchgani

If you are an adventure Junkey: Panchgani offers you the best places to paraglide. One of the best jump sites , you can go for Tandem or solo jumps (provided you know paragliding).November to February is the best time for paragliding in Panchgani. The most popular spots for paraglding are Bhilar, Khinger and Tapola. The flights usually lasts for around 30 minutes.
For Site Seeing
Panchgani has a lot of locales for visitors.
Sydney Point
Sydney point is located close to 3kms from Panchgani. This place gives you amazing view of the Krishna valley, Dhom dam and Wai. This place was anointed as Sidney point by Sir Sidney Beckwarth, Governor of Bombay in 1830 .

Kates Point
The famous Kate’s point is given this name after Sir John Malcolm’s daughter who was then the Governor . This point is close to 6.8 kilometres from the main market. One can get a stunning view of Dhom Dam, Kamalgarh & Pandavgadh .
There are three places to visit here Kates point ,Echo Point and Needle Hole Point. As the name Suggests Echo point is the place to shout your lungs out and nature will shout back at you. The best time to visit this place is during December to May.

Dhom Dam
Dhom Dam is an exciting boating place which is 21 kilometres from Panchgani. You can partake in some fun activities like scooter boats and speed boats while enjoying the scenery. The dam is built on the Krishna River near Wai .
Lingmala Falls
Ligmala Falls is another good place to visit in Panchgani There are two waterfalls at Lingmala, One is a small one, the water is cold and you can actually enter and play in water. (Tip : Do carry an extra pair of clothes and Towel) The other one which is the more Picturesque is the one higher It is almost 500 mtrs walk from the ticket point but the view is worth the walk.Needless to say , rainy season is the best time to visit this place. It is almost 20 minutes drive from Panchgani
Besides the above points generally walking through the market and through the scenic roads is also a fun experience. Miraya offers you bicycles if you want to take a stroll down the winding lanes of Panchgani.
Despite all these natural bounties, if you feel like lazing in your hotel room and still enjoy the beautiful scenery, Miraya offers you rooms with the best view in Panchgani.
With so many reasons to come to Panchgani can you afford to give this one a miss.
See you at Panchgani.
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